BetFury Games: Our Top 10 Selections

With over a thousand games on offer, BetFury has firmly established itself as a premier Bitcoin gambling site. The sheer variety of BetFury games can be overwhelming, but fear not, we’ve got you covered!

After much deliberation, we’ve narrowed down the list to a TOP-10 selection. This list is curated based on jackpot statistics, total bet amounts, and significant wins. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration with the BetFury team, so a big shout out to them!

Top 10 BetFury Original Games and Slots

Among the myriad of games, BetFury slots have been a standout. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the exciting world of BetFury games!”


88 Dragons

Play 88 Dragons
Try this slot machine!

Powered by Booongo

Last summer, “88 Dragons” was the most hyped slot, because there were a lot of wins with a total amount of more than $100 000! Nowadays “Dragon” falls asleep a little bit, but we believe in the great comeback of  “88 Dragons”!


Coin Flip

BetFury Original Games

This place belongs to the newest BetFury In-House game – Coin Flip!
The easiest rules to play with a 50% chance to win! The most interesting game feature in Coin Flip is multiplier mode!
Because of this mode, a lot of our users increased their wallets placing minimal bets! With each guess, the multiplier rises. Here are some greatest results:

Play Coin Flip
Try Coin Flip out!

Powered by BetFury

In the future, there will be a lot of Big Wins in CoinFlip and we are sure that the next year this game will be even higher on the list!



BetFury Original Games

After the redesign, Crash gambling became one of the most popular BetFury in-house games, and not only because of good animations. The main reason is the total number of wins! The multipliers on Crash are endless and because of them, they had one of the greatest Big Wins ever! 

Play Crash
Try Crash out!

Powered by BetFury


Dragon Pearls: Hold & Win


Dragon Pearls: Hold & Win from Booongo is one of the most authentic slots we’ve ever seen! 
Beautiful animations and Eastern design are not the only advantages of Dragon Pearls –
The X150 multiplier is the main reason why this Bitcoin slot is at the top! And you can check our Daily Big Wins reports to make sure that the chance of this multiplier is very high!

Play Dragon Pearls
Enjoy this slot!

Powered by Booongo



BetFury Original Games

Classical rules with modern design and smooth animations – it is all about Keno! 
Keno is another In-House game of BetFury, which is one of the most popular!
Users make a lot of winning strategies and they are working. Keno is a game for smart players, who want to monetize their intelligence! Great multipliers appear very often in Keno. Below you can find one of the biggest multipliers we’ve seen on their platform! 

More than 30 bets from different users every second! Is that enough to say that Keno is popular? We think that it is enough. Of course, keep in mind that the probability of winning is not very high as it might seem!

Play KEno
Enjoy this Keno today!

Powered by BetFury


Pyramid King


Pragmatic Play is one of the most famous providers of slot machines, with more than 100 slots! But Pyramid King is a special one! The atmosphere of ancient civilization with unique culture is exciting. But we would like to highlight the music in this slot… Pure “ear milk!”
By the way, it also has not so high min. bet ($0.25) with a lot of bonus features and multipliers. The cherry on top is a chance to have up to 600 free spins and that is the main reason why this game is one of the most popular on BetFury! That’s crazy! 

Enjoy this slot!

Powered by Pragmatic Play


Fortune Multiplier


One more Booongo slot in our top list, and this time it is – Fortune Multiplier! This slot is famous for unbelievable wins! Realistic 3D models of fruits and the lack of unnecessary details are very interesting for new users. Friendly design and great multipliers are the reason why Fortune Multiplier is a relaxing game. 

Play Fortune Multiplier
Enjoy this slot!

Powered by Booongo



BetFury Originals

If you ask us about the game with the most often Jackpots, we will immediately answer that it is in their In-House games: Plinko!
There are a lot of strategies on how to mine in  Plinko! It is the lottery with the lowest chance to lose!

17 Jackpots for the last 2 weeks! 17! The total amount of them is more than $3000! 

Play Plinko
Enjoy Plinko today!

Powered by BetFury


Aztec Coins


The undisputed leader among all slots is Aztec Coins from Platipus! Users who are watching Betfury’s social networks know that the biggest wins which happen most often are in Aztec Coins! 
There are 4 types of Jackpots, HotKeys for a comfortable gaming process and a $0.5 minimal bet are the reasons why this slot is one of the most popular. You have to try it and play as fast as possible!

Until now, in the month of December, the total amount of Big Wins was more than $100000… Incredible!

Play Aztec Coins
Enjoy this slot!

Powered by platipus



BetFury Originals

The King of all crypto games on BetFury is Dice!
The biggest amount of mining strategies. Check more here: profitable dice strategies

  • The most amazing wins from all In-House games
  • The most detailed settings menu, which will help you to create your own playstyle!
  • Bitcoin Dice is not only our choice –  it is the choice of our users!
  • The biggest In-House Jackpots are in Dice and here is one of them:
Play big and Win big on Dice

Powered by BetFury

We are sure of these 10 games and hope that you will use this list to increase your wallet balance!
This year is coming up to the end so don’t stop – you still have a lot of time for Big wins!

While, if you haven’t signed up today at BetFury or if you have doubts read our BetFury review.

Have you tried some of them? Leave your top 10 games in the comments, let’s see who likes what!

Cosmin Mesenschi

The one who started the CryptoGamble and brought the team together. He has a clear idea of what our brand is and should be and is tirelessly working on getting it closer to the forefront of the industry. When he’s not traveling and spreading the word about the brand, he enjoys playing video games, especially GTA, which inspired the website. It is worth mentioning that Cosmin trains boxing, which could be helpful when managing a team.

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