What does RTP mean in slots?

Those experienced in playing crypto slots must have come across the term RTP. This is one of the most critical factors in casino machines and can be decisive in pushing the outcome to a favorable or unfavorable light. RTP or Return to Player works as a reverse process of the house edge. It technically means how much you can gain playing a certain game, and the value is represented in percentage.

So, if a game has an RTP of 96%, you theoretically stand a chance to win $96 for every $100 wagered. But this is where a distinction should be made. The RTP value is calculated not on a single wager but over many games. So the RTP you see in a slot does not mean that you will get the exact percentage on your wager. The RNG technology used in the slots can give you $100 on your $5 bet or leave you with an empty pocket.

RTPs are only meant to give you an idea about the overall payout performance in the long run. Let us understand more about RTP by unearthing its various aspects.

Where to Find the RTP of a Slot Machine?

It is pretty easy to find, you have to Google the slot’s name with an added keyword ‘RTP,’ and the answer will be displayed correctly. However, if the answer is still not visible, you can read the slot review from different comparison websites, and the information will be made visible there. It is always better to start playing at a specific casino game with the knowledge of its RTP, as it will help you have a better chance of winning or at least a better chance of not losing much. The majority of the time, you can go to your best casino and find this information as displayed below.

slot machines thumbnails displaying their relative RTPs

In a land casino, finding the RTP is much more difficult. When you visit a land casino in, let’s say, Las Vegas, you will find various games, and in some of them, you will find the board hanging that mentions the RTP. This is usually the case with slots with high RTP. And in general, the RTP of slots in land casinos is much lower than their online counterparts.

You can also ask the customer service at the casino to learn about the RTP. But more often than not, as they do not prefer to divulge information about them.

Why RTP is so important?

The importance of RTP is different for distinct types of players. If you have taken yourself to the casino for some spins and decided to give it a try, then the RTP would not matter.

The graphics, gameplay, and other factors will take on greater significance. But if you are a regular player, then RTP holds great significance. It can be a dealbreaker in deciding whether you should play a particular slot or not. When you know the RTP is set at 97%, you can have the confidence that in the long run, about $97 can be returned for $100 wagered. Even if the RTP is a theoretical value, its practical importance cannot be denied. The better the RTP, the lesser your chances are of losing much.

So, whether you are playing at a land casino or an online casino, the knowledge of the RTP can help you evaluate how much you can take away from the game after a considerable period. Of course, everything depended on the whim of the RNG technology or provably fair employed in the game.

Land-Based vs Online: Which One Has Better RTP?

When it comes to having the best RTP, we have a clear winner here: online. The simple reason behind online slots having better RTP than land-based slots is the cost of maintenance. Maintaining online games is much lower as many expenses are cut down. Here, the operators have to create the game and put it on the website. Apart from this, there is no additional expense.

Therefore, due to the low maintenance of online games, their RTP value is much higher. According to a source, the RTP of land casino slots is around 87% or even lower, whereas, for an online slot, you can get around 95%.

Let me share some practices of new crypto casinos. The operator, or managers, can change the RTP of a specific slot on their site. Meaning that if I usually play Book of dead from Play’n Go with a theoretical RTP of 96%, some casinos can increase it (by having also lower margins) or decreased it (by having higher margins). LTCCasino for example, is one of the main casinos that offer higher RTPs compared to their competitors.

Correlation between volatility and Return to Player

Another feature of online slots is volatility. Many people have the misconception that RTP is somehow related to volatility, but this is not at all true. To understand this, let us first look into what volatility is.

Volatility refers to the level of risk in the game. The higher the volatility, the higher the risk level, but the chance of earning a considerable amount will be. To understand this, let us take the example of a high volatility slot and a low volatility slot.

High Volatility

If a slot has high volatility, it indicates that you will spend a long winless run. Naturally, players would avoid such a slot. But this is not at all the case. Playing at a highly volatile slot is that the payout is equally great once the right combination hits. The winning amount might even recover the previous losses you made. This is the reason why players love to play high volatile slots. There is a high risk, but the reward is also high.

An example of High Volatility is Dead or Alive by NetEnt.

Low Volatility

The risk is not as significant in a low as in a highly volatile slot. Hence, you can expect to get frequent wins from the slot. However, there is a catch to it. The wins from a low volatile slot are not that high, and you will often be playing for hours. So that is something you must keep in mind while playing a low volatility slot.

An example of Low Volatility is Starburst by NetEnt.

Take advantage of the bonuses offered with high paying games

To play high RTP slots, you must engage in one of the crypto gambling sites we suggest. There are many casinos, and thus the competition is tight. To lure the players, casinos employ various strategies, including featuring many high RTP slots. But to make the gambling house as a whole more appealing, the operators try to tempt the players with numerous casino bonuses.

One such prominent offer is the welcome bonus. It is a bonus reserved exclusively for the new player who first signs up on the website. In a deposit bonus, you have to deposit a minimum amount of money, and if it falls within the limit, the casino will offer you the exact amount. This offer is also known as a 100% matched deposit bonus.

Many gambling sites also offer free spins to the new players as part of their welcome bonus.

RTP is one of the many contributing factors in a slot. While keeping an eye on it is essential, other factors should not be underestimated while researching for a quality slot. So before you pick an online slot to play for real money, check all its aspects, including the RTP. Also, check the following strategies you need to consider before playing any game.  

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