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Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in both land and online casinos. Many players have won a fortune with this game, for it holds the house edge of less than 1%. While people have been playing Blackjack with their fiat money, an alternative is gradually making its way. With time, more and more people are getting drawn to playing Bitcoin casino Blackjack.

The use of cryptocurrency in gambling instead of fiat money has brought significant improvement in the playing experience. On this page, we will go through a wide range of points related to crypto Blackjack.

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Understand the basics of Blackjack

Two cards each are dealt out to the player and the dealer. The cards are dealt face up except the last one of the dealer. You have to bet based on the hidden value of this card. The target is to reach 21 before the dealer does. Even if you do not get 21, there is still a way to beat the dealer. The first thing you need to be sure of is not to cross the total of 21. Otherwise, you will lose the game. After this, it is all about the person who comes closest to 21. 

Blackjack is played with the standard deck of 52 cards, where each has a value. Let’s see them together:

  • Ace: an ace can have a value of 1 or 11, depending on the type of game you are playing. Before playing Blackjack in an online crypto casino, you should check out the value of Ace given there.
  • Face Cards: the numbers 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10 on the cards hold their face value. For instance, if you have two cards, one of which is 8. Its value would be 8.
  • Figure Cards: this leaves us with the King, Queen, and Jack. All three cards have a value of 10. 

What can you do at the blackjack table?

The following are some of the actions you can do while you sit at the blackjack table, that either is online of at any land-base casinos.

  • Hitting – With this action, you are dealt another card apart from the default two. If the third card takes the total value of your cards above 21, you will lose the game. On the flip side, if the third card keeps the numerical total below 21, you can go for another card.
  • Double Down – Once the two cards are dealt, you can use the option of doubling down your bet if the total value of your card is 9, 10, or 11.
  • Standing – If you think the value of your two cards is pretty good and adding another will be risky, you can choose not to ask for another card. This action is known as standing.
  • Splitting – If the two cards dealt out to you are of the same denomination, you may choose to split them into two pairs and consider each a different hand. You have to place the same wager for the second set of pairs as you did for the first one.

Apart from the main bet, you can place some side bets in the btc Blackjack game to win some extra money. 

  • Perfect Pairs: You can place a side bet on getting two cards of the same denomination and value. For instance, getting two Queens can make you win the side bet.
  • 21+3: 21+3 combines Blackjack with a three-card Poker. Here, you bet on your two dealt out cards and the one card of the dealer. You can make the following poker hands: flush, straight, three of a kind, straight flush and suited three of a kind.
  • 5 Card Charlie: The rule of 5 Card Charlie side bet is pretty simple. If you make a hand with 5 cards, you win the bet.

Here’s a video of playing and winning in Blackjack

RTP and Payouts

The classic Blackjack has a theoretical RTP of 99.27%.

A higher hand above the dealer1:1
Player and dealer have the same totalBet is returned
Player’s Blackjack with first two cards3:2
Player’ Blackjack and Dealer’s Blackjack with three or more cards3:2
Player and Dealer have Blackjack with the first two cardsBet is returned

Types of Blackjack

  • Double Xposure: In this variant, both of the dealer’s cards are shown to help you make a strategic decision.
  • Surrender Blackjack: Here, you get the option to give up on your cards when you think you are not going to win. The advantage you can derive from this version is that you can save a lot of your money.
  • Switch Blackjack: In Switch Blackjack, you get two hands simultaneously and can ‘switch’ between them. This will help you form a more substantial hand.
  • Classic Blackjack: or also known as european blackjack. Only one deck of cards is used in this version, thereby keeping the house edge low.
  • Spanish 21 and Super Fun Blackjack: These games have higher odds and house edge making it difficult for the player to win. 
  • Live Blackjack: this is the most frequent game that you can play at any crypto casinos, the ability to see the dealer giving you cards and interacting with him. Live Blackjack is the closest version to the real experience you have in casinos.
man live dealer at blackjack table dealing cards to players

Blackjack Strategy

To give yourself an upper hand in Blackjack, you can follow these strategies:

  • If the dealer’s face-up card has a high value, you should strive to get around 17 or more.
  • If the dealer’s face-up card is of low value, you should look to get 12 or higher.
  • If your two cards make a total of 11, you should always go for the double down.
  • Always split aces or 8s.
  • 10s and 5s should not be split.
  • You should double down when you get a total of 10 unless the dealer has a 10-card or an ace.
  • Bitcoin Poker: Poker is all about having the strongest hand or pretending to have one. It comes in numerous variations, with Texas Hold’Em being the most popular among them. In Poker, you can play with cryptocurrency and use its advantages to your end.
  • Bitcoin Dice: The game of Dice is all about predicting the outcome of dice to be above or below a chosen number. The blockchain technology of the game makes it fair and safe to play.
  • The Crash gambling game: Crash is one of the simplest games. Just place a bet, and cash out before the game crashes. The house edge of Crash is not above 1-2%, giving players a good opportunity to make some profit.
  • Bitcoin Roulette: Predict on which number the ball will land, and the game is yours. Roulette comes in different versions, with the most popular being European and American Roulette.
  • Crypto Slots: Check the payouts, place a bet and spin the reels. That is all you would want to know about slots. Most of the slots are provably fair, so you expect transparency from the games. You can also take third-party assistance to test the results.
  • Bitcoin Keno: reminds one of the lottery game. Here, you have to mark the numbers from 1 to 80, which you think might show up after the roll. You can make up to 20 picks in each game. 
  • Bitcoin Lottery: is very much like the traditional lottery game where you have to guess the right outcome. However, here, you can play with cryptocurrency rather than traditional fiat money. 
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