MASSIVE 171 BTC winning at Bitcasino.io

As the title of this article states, an incredible, most probably THE BIGGEST winning in gambling history a player playing at Bitcasino.io won 171 BTC thanks to Dawn of Olympus slot. Doing a magnificent 5700x of the first bet (30000mBTC) – see photo below! 

This is a life-changing moment for the player but not only… Think about Bitcasino.io has to payout this massive win – 1579590,27 USD. We are talking about more than 1 and half million dollars in Bitcoin for a single win on a bitcoin slot machine!!! 

winning 171BTC at Bitcasino.io slot game

Of course, the casino has to verify the bets, KYC of the account, pass the matter to the payment security team, all the checks possible in order to make sure the player hasn’t cheated the Terms and Conditions, and so on…  This matter can take some time before all the necessary verifications and being the player it would be crazy the waiting time to see if you really will get your winnings.

Another good point made by some fellows on BitcoinTalk on the dedicated thread is that Bitcasino.io is in a place where they can gain so much free advertising or really hit badly in case they won’t pay the player. 

Something that happens once in a million chances, for example, the lottery – the typical 6/49 game – on getting the 6 numbers you have 1 in 13,983,816 probability of chances, meaning 0.00000007%! This might seem quite ridiculous but the reality as it seems it could happen. 

As we write the article, we are still waiting for news from the player and from the casino… As we are pretty sure the news will spread out easily once confirmed

The online crypto gambling world is vast and there are several comparison source sites like Cryptogamble.tips that offer recommendations for the best casino websites to play at. Nevertheless, this is still something really big happening in most of the crypto gambling sites. 

Hope to give you more details as soon as possible! 

Update on 11-July-2020

Did the player receive his 171 BTC?

The primary bitcointalk thread was closed by the OP after a deceptive message left on the board:

bitcointalk screenshot converstaion LAngel

This made a lot of people analyze the situation and think that something odd was around. Exactly, the story goes on as more people started to investigate going toward a bad end conclusion for the OP. But let us explain why.

Another thread was opened by yahoo62278, one of the most respected bitcointalker around the forum, that wanted to have more clarification from the casino and understand exactly why LAngel settled with only 48 BTC instead of 171 BTC. Also, as stated in the thread the initial video posted by LAngel was removed and this became very suspicious.

Yahoo62278 received a long and exhaustive answer from Karl, a Bitcasino representative, which we suggest you take a look at the previous link.

In the end, we found out that LAngel was a hacker that successfully could withdraw more than 25BTC from Bitcasino and more from other operators involved in his maneuvers.

statement from Karl bitcasino representative on bitcointalk.org

The account made by LAngel was frozen and nothing was sent to him as it was definitely going against Term and Conditions of the Casino and beyond that against morality of playing at any casino. Cheating is not part of having fun in any place.

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