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CSGO roulette sites the best in 2022

CSGO roulette is by far the most researched and played game in the CSGO gambling community, that’s it. If you want to discuss this, be my guest! But you have before you do that, let me explain in a nutshell what to expect from any of the best csgo gambling sites that we promote and that offer this CSGO roulette game.

Basically, thanks to your experience and skins accumulated in time and some luck, you can extend and expand your inventory by playing CSGO roulette at any of the casinos recommended below.

Right following this premise, you deposit your funds and as the normal Bitcoin roulette you need to choose where to allocate your coins between the colors available on the platform (as you can see in the picture below):

  • red, if you hit this color you will get only double of your initial coins – about 47%
  • green, the chances are very low here – but if you do hit this color you get a high multiplier in return on the coins that you bet
  • black, if you land on this one it will give you the same as the red color – about 47%

If you are looking for some roulette strategies check this page, it’s about bitcoin dice strategies but still, it can be applied to any crypto game or CSGO Jackpot.

Lastly, remember to have fun… good luck!

CSGO Roulette played at the top sites

Now the time has come to see what are the most chosen Roulette sites around the globe. These are our top choice when it comes to playing Roulette, but definitely not limited to them… you can also see more sites on our homepage or even read more about bitcoin casinos on our page about reviews.

Difference between CSGO Roulette and other Roulette

Pretty much it has the same functionalities but has a different look. But not only, the aspect is yes important but what’s behind is much more. In fact, bitcoin roulette and the CSGO Roulette work in the same way as they are backed up by a provably fair system. A technology that allows the player to have a fair game and avoid the trap of being cheated – just a small note (be sure you are signing up on one of the sites we actually tried and not the first one you find online because online is full of scams and we are here for giving you value by risking before you).

CSGO Roulette

More specifically, the CSGO roulette looks like this (see the first picture) where instead of the numbers of the classic roulette you have the different weapons you have in CSGO, super nice right?

Basically, the difference is the design and the functionality that the normal online roulette has. You won’t bet on numbers but rather bet on colors and on weapons.

CSGO Roulette Strategies

We really want to add more value to you by giving some exclusive strategies on roulette, but we don’t have them… most probably you are already a player and you already know Martingale, Labouchere, Paroli, and D’Alembert.

We will create a complete guide and share it with you here, on our Twitter, and everywhere else we can. So please stay in touch with us.

Lastly, you can explore bitcoin dice, bitcoin slots, CS:GO coinflip, and another great one that players love Crash gambling game, and let’s not forget Plinko (one of our favorite – you can try it out on Stake with their bitcoin casino no deposit bonus).