Play Bitcoin Jackpot Slots for a Mega Win in 2024

(BTC Jackpot slots pay a lot, but many other things are involved. To know all about it, continue reading this article.)

The entire purpose of gambling at any of the crypto casinos we advise you to play at is to make the best out of your time when spinning crypto Jackpot slots. The bigger the payout, the better it is. While all casino games can come up with some offer or other, the most significant wins are usually reserved for Bitcoin slot machines. This is because the jackpot feature in Bitcoin slots allows the player to earn more than what you can win in a base game. Due to the popularity of jackpots, several jackpot slots for Bitcoin have popped up to give players a chance to win a massive amount.

But what is it like playing Bitcoin games with the jackpot? What are the factors that should be taken into consideration before one opts to play this game? Points like these must be cleared before you should get on with the game.

What Are Progressive Crypto Jackpot Slots?

Progressive jackpot slots are some of the most popular games in casinos today. One of the reasons for their popularity is that they provide the winning amount in millions that can turn the fortune of any person with a single spin.

Their mode of operation makes progressive slots different from other classic slots. In this mechanism, the prize money is pooled on players’ bets through different networks on a particular game. As the bets keep increasing, the slots’ total value also increases. But there is a catch to it: you cannot hit progressive jackpots that easily. As the jackpot amount is so large, hitting the pot frequently cannot be an option.

Advanced players and slot experts usually know that it’s not the best time to get in when the jackpot is building up. Meanwhile, when the pot prize is getting bigger and bigger, then it’s the right time to start playing slots, as the probability of hitting the mega prize is higher and more rewarding.

Types of Crypto Jackpot Slots

There are different categories of jackpots, and they differ in the way they are pooled and who pays them. Some of the slot types are as follows:

Wide Area Progressives

Wide Area Progressives refer to those jackpot slots where the game is linked to a network across multiple casinos. The jackpot amount is decided and paid by the game provider who has made the slot and not by the single casino – each time a specific slot is played, part of the turnover goes to the pool of cash. These slots are preferable to small casinos. They do not have to take the load if a player wins a massive prize. The game provider takes the burden on its shoulders and takes the guarantee to pay the amount on its own. The chance of hitting the wide-area progressives’ jackpot is highly slim.

Standalone and Local Progressives

The stand-alone jackpot is limited to a single slot. The slot is not linked to any other game or casino, so its pooled amount is not that high. The value of the jackpot increases only, and if only, players bet on that particular slot. As a result, you will not find these slots showing any significant rise in their overall value.

On the other hand, Local Progressives are connected to the local network where one slot title works in conjunction with other titles on the same platform. When you play any of these slots, the total of their bets is accumulated at a place to create the local progressive jackpot. Although local progressives give a higher jackpot value than standalone ones, it usually does not exceed $100,000.

Multi-Level Progressive Jackpots

It all started with Aristocrat Technologies, which developed the first multi-level progressive jackpot. Since then, other brands have followed the trend, and as a result, we found some interesting slots in this category, including highly popular ones like Mega Moolah. As the name suggests, these slots operate on multiple levels. For instance, Mega Moolah’s jackpot is divided into four parts: Mini ($10), Minor ($100), Major ($10,000), and Mega ($1,000,000). The game provider seeded the jackpots (Microgaming, in this case). The jackpot with a lower amount has a higher hit frequency, whereas the mega jackpot can take weeks and months to show up once.

Boiling Point Progressives

When you play a jackpot slot for Bitcoin, the tipping point can come at any moment. There is complete randomness about it. On the other hand, boiling point progressives are the crypto jackpot slots where the tipping point is pre-decided. As soon as the bets cross this number, the jackpot is hit. But it is not as simple as it seems to be.

As a player, you will not be able to know when the slot will reach its boiling point. The number will be known only to the authorities, and it will all boil down to your sheer luck. This slot’s uniqueness is that it affirms that a jackpot is around the corner.

Mystery Progressive Jackpots

Mystery progressive jackpots are the ones where the jackpot can hit out of the blue. The symbols do not even have to be in a specific combination for the jackpot to be locked in your favor. But this does not mean that these jackpots operate without any specific system.

There is a definite mechanism for how the jackpot amount is hit, but it varies from one game mechanic to another. In a game, it can show up if a particular pool amount is reached or be time-specific when a player has already wagered a particular amount of money.

Progressive vs. Fixed Jackpots

While the progressive jackpots are all about increasing pool money, the prize amount in fixed jackpots is pre-decided. You can easily determine the maximum win you can get from a particular slot with a fixed jackpot amount. The value is represented in coins. The amount will remain constant in fixed jackpot slots even if players wager a great deal.

How do Bitcoin Progressive Jackpot Slots Work?

The progressive jackpot slots are all about winning grand money. Unlike fixed jackpots, the prize money keeps on increasing here. That’s why it is called a progressive jackpot. These jackpots work pretty simply: they accumulate a percentage of players’ bets in a pool or pot. As the players keep on wagering, the pool money increases. So, if you played for a progressive jackpot and did not win, part of your win will contribute to the pool money.

Best Bitcoin Jackpot Slots Strategies to Win Big

Create a Jackpot Budget

Different jackpots pay out differently. The ones that provide low-sized prizes will give you frequent wins, whereas the high-paying ones will hit once in a blue moon or not even. So, the first thing you need to do is set a jackpot budget. If you can risk more, go for highly volatile games. If not, then settle for medium-sized jackpots. Start slowly, and gradually, you will realize whether you should raise the stakes.

Keep a Loss Limit

An important thing that you need to keep in mind while playing slots is the loss limit. Players usually cross the limit of their betting, hoping for ‘yet another try’. Do not proceed in the game like this. As jackpots are a matter of luck, you should approach them with calculated risk. Set a budget for playing and try to keep yourself within that limit. When you have met your target betting, stop for the day. Start afresh from the next day. In a game of luck, discipline plays an important role.

Choose Your Slot Wisely

There are all sorts of slots out there. You have to pick the one that can live up to your expectations. This could be anything: a jackpot slot with high RTP or a jackpot slot with multiple jackpot bonuses. It all depends on your aim and what the slot is meant to do the best. Based on this analysis, you can move about cautiously toward it.

Tracking Tools

Tracking tools will give you valuable information about all the jackpot slots available out there. Which slot gave the last win, which slot comes with the highest money, and so on? You can easily use this information to your advantage. While there is no way to predict when the next jackpot will hit, you can narrow the gap by using tracking tools and creating an analysis. For instance, if a slot gives rare wins and gives one the last day, you should stay away from it for some time.

Look Out for Bonuses

Jackpots are not everything in a slot. There are also bonus features in a slot that can reap great rewards. Hence, choose a slot that will allow you to utilize all the other segments of it, like the bonus rounds.

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