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What Are Some NFT-Based Casino Games?

We mentioned that the NFT gambling platforms provide plenty of attractions for Crypto Slots and other casino games. However, this is far from all. There are now quite a few exciting NFT titles that ideally incorporate this new ownership tool’s unique nature and hype. Let’s check out some of the most famous and why they are so special.

Slotie NFT Slot

The Slotie slot comes from the gaming provider Ruby Play to offer you an interactive gambling experience full of thrill and consistent winnings. As you can see, the reels are a bit smaller than traditional slots as the focus is on the Slotie robot that comes straight from the famous Slotie NFT collection. 

The Slotie slot has a great RTP of 96.57% and 50 pay lines from which you can expect constant winnings. To be precise, the hit frequency is 34.32%, which is fantastic. In addition, there are four jackpots you can hit if you are lucky enough to activate the so-called HODL feature. 

With this feature, you receive up to 15 free spins, and the reel grid duplicates one, two, or three times with Wild and Scatter symbols turning into prize symbols. Those will dictate how much you win, with the maximum amount standing at 2,000x your bet. 

Blockchain Megaways 

The Blockchain Megaways is a sure way to learn more about cryptocurrencies. That’s because the slot will teleport you into the technical side of crypto with a fitting theme and sound effects. As the game is megaways, you can expect up to over 200,000 paying lines and high volatility, but it’s completely worth it because of the many features and potential astronomical winnings. Even with that, the RTP is solid at 96.50%. 

On the other hand, the hir frequency is below 20%, so you should be aware of that before engaging with this slot. But if you like more thrilling slots, the Blockchain Megaways is one of the best options in the NFT gambling industry. A few features of this game will make it worth your while, ranging from cascading reels, multipliers, free spins, and mystery symbols. With a rich slot like that, it’s no wonder the maximum win can reach over 40,000x your bet. 

Aped Slot

While reviewing modern NFT slots, you will probably be quite surprised to come across a simple three-reel, three-row slot with five pay lines. The image just doesn’t fit. But this is the case with the so-called Aped slot from the new gaming provider NetGaming. The first thing that immediately makes an impression in this slot is its unique theme and graphics, which immerse you in a world with some strange-looking apes NFTs. 

After some spinning, you will immediately notice the active multiplier feature every round. That’s quite helpful because even the highest-paying symbols in this slot can bring your winnings up to 10 times your bet in a combination. Instead of relying only on winning the traditional way, hunting free spins will always be your best bet. 

There, the Aped wild symbol substitutes all other symbols on the reel and can get your winnings up to 1,000 your bet. But at the end of the day, even if the Aped slot sounds like a very low-risk gaming option, you might be disappointed after understanding that its RTP is only 94.23%.

NFT Megaways 

There are hardly any boring Megaways slots, but with the rising popularity of NFTs lately and the explicit work of Red Tiger, the NFT Megaways slot is one of the best you can try out when first getting into an NFT casino. The game has a fitting pixelated graphic theme, smooth gameplay, and more than 200,000 winning pay lines. However, considering the slot’s numerous thrilling features, including cascading reels, multipliers, and free spins, it’s no wonder why the RTP is a bit below the average for the industry – 95.66%. 

If you look carefully at the reels of the slot, you will realize there is an uncommon line on top of it, next to the sign that shows the active number of Megaways every spin. That’s where the unique Crypto Punks feature is active. When a Crypto Punk symbol lands there, it acts as a wild card to substitute all other symbols. So every time you land a winning combination like this, the value of your Crypto Punk symbol on top will increase by 1x. With all that, the maximum win from the slot can reach up to 10,499x of your bet per line. 

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