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Bitcoin Slots backed up by Provably Fair: best ones of 2022

(Crypto slots are quite in vogue for their fast processing speed and anonymity. Here, we will unfold all the information you might want to know about them.)

Slots are the most popular games in crypto casinos as well. Their specialty is that they come in so many different versions and themes that it is almost impossible to keep count. But despite their popularity at online casinos, many users look for a much sharper experience in terms of withdrawal speed and security. With the introduction of Bitcoin into the casino scene, things have changed radically. For more information, click here to see our list of best crypto games.

The biggest difference is seen in slots. Bitcoin slots are very much like the traditional slots, but they come with huge advantages., will help you to explore the different aspects of these slots with crypto and see how well they fare compared to slots played with fiat currencies.

List of the Top Bitcoin Slot Sites

Some of the best Bitcoin casino slot sites where you can get an enhanced gaming experience are as follows:

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How to Get Started with Bitcoin Slots?

Slot Machines online now are available to be played using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The major benefit of playing Bitcoin slots is that you can keep your transaction information safe and at many sites, your personal information is also not needed. Many of them now are working on provably fair technology. This implies that you can verify the game’s transparency after every single round.

To play at a crypto slot machine, all you have to do is read about the payouts, place a bet, and if the right combination is formed, the respective payout is made to you. Playing slots is as simple as that.

Different Types of Slots

  • Jackpot Slots: These slots are specially designed to give you massive jackpot rewards. The regular payout of these slots is not so good compared to non-jackpot slots. But this is because part of the payout goes into making the final jackpot amount.
  • Bonus Games: Slots are usually divided into base games and bonus rounds. The gameplay becomes more exciting in the bonus rounds, and you get more rewards than the base game. Specific symbol combinations are required to unlock the bonus round.
  • Classic 3-Reel Slots: These are the traditional slots that come with only 3 reels. Here you will find no wild or scatter symbol. The gameplay is pretty straightforward: land 3 matching symbols, and there you go.
  • Low Bet Limit: Many Bitcoin play slots are running on provably fair technology where you can bet with minimum betting limits. This will encourage players who want to start their gambling experiences with a low deposit.
  • Provably Fair Slots: In provably fair, you can verify the game’s result with the help of a third-party aggregator. Usually Provably fair slot machines have lower house egde, meaning you can bring at home more than in the normal ones.
  • Free Demo gameplay: There are many Bitcoin gambling sites where you can play Bitcoin slot games for free using the token currency the site offers. This is a great way of exploring different games and their gameplay.

Bitcoin slot variants

Here are some variations of bitcoin slots you can find online, including the exclusive slots created by certain casinos:


Megaways slots are the new trend, the blue ocean of slot machines online. They have a huge success among the most reputable Bitcoin casinos, ethereum casinos, and between casino players. Simply, people love the way these games are built, especially the extra features they bring to the final gaming experience.

New Slots

We all love trying new things out, new adventures, emotions, or in this case new slots. There is a magical aura around playing new slots online as you never heard about it – the mystery of the unknown. In a nutshell, we create several pictures in our mind of how big is the winning we can get from a new slot and this is what really attracts us to bet.

We’ve patterned up with iGaming software houses to get the news before anyone. Thus, you will have the first exclusive review of any new slot machine appearing on the market before even being able to try it at any casino.

Jackpot Slots

Slot machines with jackpots are the extra mile of slots. You know the pot of gold that you can find in fairy tales and where the rainbow ends? Well, that’s a Jackpot, also represented in the picture on the left.

The slot machines online with jackpot provide you more entertainment and a bigger chance of making more money when you win, as the final pot is way bigger than getting the max multiplier in a slot. 

Slot Volatility

Volatility in slot machines is something we all look for, we need to know before playing if a slot is:

  • High volatility – High payouts but less frequent, very good for people that love risk and adrenaline
  • Medium volatility – a balance between the high and the low volatility
  • Low volatility – low payouts but more frequent, ideal for players who enjoy a calm and relaxed time.

This is going to influence the way we are going to the game. It is important to be aware if a slot machine is going to pay us lots of times but with very low payouts or vice versa, paying us fewer times but higher in the return. It really depends on your style and what games you enjoy playing.

Free Slots to play

Our team strives to provide the best-in-class gaming experience in the slot machines we play. But we want to go beyond and match at least the same offer our competitors do – offer you a platform where you can enjoy your favorite free slots to play. Basically, you will be able to play slots on your mobile, on your tablet, and on your pc every game for free.

So, in the end, won’t be only a site for crypto casinos, but rather a centralized site online with all the possible content you want. Casino Bonuses, free slots to play, slot reviews, casino guides, bitcoin news, cryptocurrency information, new crypto casinos featured, and more… all in one single place. Everything dedicated to the crypto gambling community – to you. From gamblers to gamblers.

Based on our insights, research, data extrapolated from our analytics and information provided by our partners we could find the most popular slots and games chosen by millions of people.

To be featured in the list of the most chosen slot machines, the games have to possess certain characteristics such as being listed on most of the casinos online, being created by some of the best casino gaming providers, they being transparent with their RTP and technology. Basically, if a slot machine wants to be featured has to be at the top of the top in presenting and giving the most enhancing gaming adventure for its players.

Real Money Slots

At, especially in this cluster of pages, we have thousands of slot machines online that can be played without any cost for you. At the same time, there are players that are not going to be satisfied with only demo gameplay but rather with all the emotions that come along by playing real money slots.

We love getting that adrenaline with high-stakes bets or just the thrill of thinking “what if I can hit the jackpot? I will be able to take increase my lifestyle or else I will be able to buy that splendid sports car I always wanted “. That specific “what if” will want us to make real money bets.

As slot players, we are professionals, we’ve developed skills through years and we know that we can get that big pot home, with some luck, and beat the house, and cash out our prize.

RTP Slots

One of the last categories we are going deeper to analyze is exactly what we look for when we are about to try a new slot machine or rather try one we know about but never played before. So, going into this side of things we are describing and examining all the RTP slots.

We know you care, as we do, about the percentage of return of these slots are paying out. It’s an important factor when it comes to deciding if to play or not. It won’t base all the decisions on this single parameter but is something we are counting on before making that decision, right?

This is what we aim to do, inspect all the RTP slots and classify them by their theoretical RTP.

Provably Fair technology with Slots

When we speak about slots, we all imagine and have in mind these rooms full of loud machines like the ones in every land-based casino. However, on this page, we are going to talk and analyze something new on the market, especially in the cryptocurrency gambling world, the slots playable with cryptocurrencies braced up by Provably Fair

screenshot samurai bitcoin slot from Stake Casino

The crypto slots, that we are going to talk about, are like any other online slot machine but with the possibility and difference to check the fairness. Meaning, that at any time during your game you will be able to see if the slot, and the bet you do, are true by giving you a transparent and honest game experience.

Pay attention to RTP

RTP in online casinos refers to Return to Player. It is a theoretical concept that gives you an average of your expected return from a game. For instance, the Rambo Bitcoin slot comes with an RTP of 97.02%. This implies that by wagering $100 on the slot, you can get a return of $97.02 in the long run. But this is only a theoretical value, and in practical experience, you might not get the same result. Besides, the RTP of a game is averaged after many rounds, so coming anywhere close to it is only on paper.

How to register and deposit funds a step by step process

How to get started
The process of registering and depositing funds at Bitcoin slot sites is pretty easy. Just follow these simple steps:
Choose a Trusted Site
The most important thing to do while selecting a Bitcoin slot site is to verify if it is safe or not. There are two ways to do this. Either go for the licensed casino sites, or you should play Bitcoin slots that run provably fair technology.
Quick Open an Account
Opening an account at a Bitcoin slot site is pretty easy. The process is pretty straightforward: just add your Bitcoin wallet address and basic KYC details, and you are there. The process would take around 30 seconds.
Deposit Crypto in Your Slots
Now you have to select the slots of your choice and deposit Bitcoins into them. Just enter your wallet address to deposit, and the funds will be added to your casino account immediately.
Play Slots with Responsibly in mind
Responsible Gambling is something you should keep in mind while playing Bitcoin slots. Set a time limit and deposit limit and try to stick by them regularly.
Cash Out Your Winnings
If you win a round in a slot, you can cash your winnings and transfer the balance to your Bitcoin or crypto wallet. You can then convert your Bitcoins into cash or use them for different online activities. 

Slot Bonuses – How Do They Work?

  • Matched welcome Deposit Bonus : Matched deposit bonus refers to the players’ bonus upon depositing a specific amount into an online casino. Here, the bonus amount directly corresponds to the deposit amount. For instance, if you deposit $20 in an online casino with the welcome deposit bonus offer, you will get $20 as a bonus reward. There is a maximum limit up to which you will receive this reward.
  • Free Spins: Many Bitcoin casino sites also offer free spins as a bonus which you can use in slots. The advantage of free spins is that you use them to get extra spins on a game of slots without needing to pay anything from your pocket.
  • No Deposit Bonus: One of the top bonuses chosen by gamblers, as it allows you to try a specific casino without using your own funds, check our page dedicated to this bonus and get started for free. A specific virtual currency is paid out to you, which you can use at particular games, usually the slots.

Bitcoin Slot Bonuses – Terms and Conditions

  • Wagering Requirements: To extract the bonus amount from a Bitcoin slot, you must meet the wagering requirement. The wagering requirement refers to the condition where you will have to bet a given number of times before withdrawing the winning bet.
  • Eligible Games: Some Bitcoin slot bonuses do not apply to all the slots. At every Bitcoin casino in our list, you should read the terms and conditions of the bonus where they mention the list of eligible games where you can put your bonus offer to use.
  • Time Limit: The bonus offer and amount come with a time limit. It can be 24 hours, a week, or even a fortnight. Within this time, you are required to meet the wagering requirement and withdraw the bonus, or else it will get forfeited.

How Do I Choose a Bitcoin Slot Site?

Certain criteria help you in deciding on a quality Bitcoin slot site. They are as follows:


For players who are not experienced, the reputation of an online casino plays quite an important role. It would help if you only went for Bitcoin slot sites that hold some reputation among the players. A good reputation ensures that the site is safe and transparent enough for players.

Slots Department

screenshot bitstarz homepage slots

As playing slots is your focus, you should choose a casino among many reputed ones based on the slot department they have. The number of slots, as well as their classification, will give you a wide range of options to choose from. Then, based on your preference, you can select one.

Deposits and Withdrawals

If Bitcoin is your preferred payment method, you should choose sites where Bitcoins are accepted for deposit and withdrawal. Using Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies will ensure that you can make deposits and withdrawals pretty quickly.

Customer Support

Customer support plays a very important part in an online casino. A casino is always preferable if it has strong customer support. Therefore, you should go to casinos where you can choose casinos to get customer support services like the 24×7 live chat feature to resolve your queries instantly.

User Friendliness and Layout

How easy it is to access a Bitcoin slot site also determines your overall experience of a website. You should go for the one where the layout is pretty neat, and you can perform all the activities without needing to search them for long in the menu.

Benefits of Playing Bitcoin Slots

There are numerous advantages of playing slots with crypto. Some of them are:


Using Bitcoin, you can wager and win the rewards without needing to reveal your identity. As Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, no one will be able to hack your personal information.

Fast Payouts

Traditional payment methods like net banking and debit cards can take as much as 3-5 days to process and transfer the payment to your bank account. No such problem takes place in Bitcoin as it uses blockchain technology resulting in faster payouts. The payout is made instantly.

No Processing and Almost Nil Transaction Fee

The processing fee for using Bitcoin at an online casino is zero, and the transaction fee is also minimal if anything at all. This makes it preferable over fiat currencies.


Bitcoin is a self-regulatory currency, and no third party can interfere in it. The blockchain ledger contains all the information about every Bitcoin, and that’s that. Neither the government nor the central bank has any hold over Bitcoin.

The Rise in Market Value

Cryptocurrencies are gradually gaining momentum in the financial market. Due to their popularity, many online casinos and other platforms are accepting them. As a result, their market value is increasing with each passing day.

  • Poker is an old game and has evolved over time with several variations. The idea is to have the strongest hand on the table and with cryptocurrency today you can very well play poker anonymously. Get to know more how you can get started playing poker online with cryptocurrencies here on this page.
  • Bitcoin Dice is a very simple game and works great for both beginners and pros. And one cannot complain about the payout with this game. 
  • Crypto Roulette is the game of wheel and players must predict on which number in the wheel the ball will land. There are red and black segments that divide the wheel. 
  • Bitcoin Lottery can be won by guessing the right outcome. Use your crypto to play this simple game and win a handsome payout. 
  • Crash casino game requires you to place your bet prior to a round starts. Then the bets are closed and you can withdraw your money at any time before the game crashes. 
  • Crypto Keno can be considered a variation of lottery. The rule of the game is to bet on numbers from 1 to 80. However, you can choose the number of picks you can make. The odds vary for the number of picks you make. The maximum pick you can make is 20. 

But also you can try and read more about:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum deposit amount at a slot site?

The great thing about Bitcoin slot sites is that no minimum deposit limit is set in most cases. You can play with whatever you have in store. However, make sure the amount is not too low, or else it won’t be sufficient for the respective game.

Can you get provably fair slots?

Many Bitcoin slots run on provably fair technology. Just visit any Bitcoin slot site, and you will find plenty of provably fair slots.
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